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New Xbox Experience: 'Games Played' changes detailed


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Microsoft's own Gamerscore Blog is kicking off what it hopes will be a weekly series of New Xbox Experience primers leading up to the new dash's "late fall" release. For the first installment, the crew chose to focus on the newly revamped Games Played tracker, and what exactly makes it worthy of being part of a new experience.

As it's explained, selecting your Gamercard now displays a series of subsequent Games Played "slides" behind it, which you can fan through. The first card focuses on every game you've ever fired up on your console. It displays your current Gamerscore and the maximum possible Gamerscore you could hope to earn by unlocking every Achievement in every game you've played. Similarly, it displays the current number of Achievements you've unlocked out of the total number available in all the games you've played.

Subsequent slides focus specifically on single games, with similar Gamerscore and Achievement tallies just for them. Your most recent Achievements in each game are also displayed. The Gamerscore team says that if you've played 500 games, there will be 500 individual Games Played slides; let's hope there's an equally clever system for quickly sorting through them all.

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