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Cricket offers EV-DO access for $40 per month... with no contract

Darren Murph

We'll be honest -- we weren't all that jazzed about Cricket's unlimited video clip service at $5 per month, but this is something we can get into. The animalistic carrier has just launched an unlimited mobile broadband package in several Texas cities, Las Vegas, Oklahoma City and St. Louis (all of its other cities will get gifted by year's end) which users can tap into for just $40 / month. Interestingly, the company is actually encouraging consumers to really take advantage of that "unlimited" bit, noting that it is aiming to put EV-DO (read: broadband) into the hands of lower-income (or budget-minded) citizens that can't afford to be strapped down by a contract. Of note, there are two big limitations: you can't use the service to make VoIP calls, and you can't run a server. Fair enough, Cricket!

[Via phonescoop]

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