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Namco Bandai planning on more XBLA remakes of arcade classics

Were you a fan of Pac-Man: Championship Edition and the more recent Galaga Legions? Are you hoping for future remakes of games that are likely older than you? You're in luck -- the team at Namco Bandai that updated the two arcade classics for Xbox Live Arcade is reportedly planning updates for other arcade titles of the era, though no specific title has been decided upon as of yet.

The director of the small team, Tadashi Iguchi, revealed in an interview with MTV Multiplayer that there's an initiative at Namco to revamp the company's "masterpiece games" -- more specifically, he mentions that he's interested in "making games that players who liked games in the 80's will enjoy." A humble suggestion for the team: Pole Position. Don't think, Iguchi. Just do it.

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