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World of Warcraft patch 3.0 hits the PTR!

Michael Zenke

In what could be considered another move intended to counter this week's upcoming Warhammer Online launch, the World of Warcraft Public Test Realm has been updated with the much-anticipated 3.0 patch. This is the last major patch slated for the game prior to the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, and includes many elements of the expansion that were previously considered 'back of the box' features for that content update. Massively's sister site WoW Insider has an exhaustive recap of everything you need to know about the patch.

Here are some thousand-foot-view highlights:
There's a ton more, of course, but WI has you covered. Go check em' out.
One of Azeroth's millions of citizens? Check out our ongoing coverage of the World of Warcraft, and be sure to touch base with our sister site WoW Insider for all your Lich King needs!

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