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A closer look at illegal drug manufacturing in EVE

James Egan

The freedom to pursue a life of crime or establish criminal enterprises in EVE Online is one of the more interesting aspects of the game. One of those paths a player can take is being a drug dealer. Perhaps the closest approximation to this aspect of EVE Online is the classic game DopeWars, although EVE brings this type of gameplay to a far more interactive level, with a real social aspect to the dealing side. However, these drugs -- known as "boosters" for how they augment certain abilities -- aren't simply bought from NPCs and then resold at a markup. Like virtually all of the items in EVE, boosters are manufactured by players with an industrial bent. The boosters are then ultimately distributed by those who enjoy smuggling and dealing.

Kirith Kodachi established much of the basic info about boosters in his recent article for EVE Tribune, "EVE's Little Pick-Me-Ups." Now he's written a follow-up article that explains a bit about how these illicit substances are manufactured. In Kodachi's "Boosters Part 2: The Secrets of the Drug Cartels" he walks the reader through the complex stages of booster production, from gas cloud harvesting and reactions to the use of drug labs. Check out Kodachi's article for a look at what's involved with establishing yourself in EVE's illegal drug trade.

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