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Blu-ray releases on September 16th, 2008

Ben Drawbaugh

We're switching up the format a bit on the weekly Blu-ray release post, because the number of titles being released each week is so great, and the total number of titles so insignificate, that from now on we're just going to focus on the movies we find interesting and drop the title count all together -- mostly because it's impossible to keep accurate anyways. The biggest news this week is that Weinstein is finally releasing its first Blu-ray titles, so for the first time ever, every major Hollywood studio is on the Blu-ray band-wagon. The biggest title this week -- which isn't saying much -- is Sony's date-and-date 88 Minutes. Following the catalog and TV show releases trend we expect to see the rest of the month we have one of our favorite shows, Pushing Daisies, if you haven't seen this show in HD, the picture quality and female cast members alone, make it worth your while to take a look. The big catalog this week is a movie from our youth, Risky Business, which we look forward to checking it out in HD for the first time ever, but next week's Godfather series is sure to be a bigger seller.


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