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Citizen journalists: CBS EyeMobile


So, you're walking down the street and you see a bank robbery in progress, or you're driving your car down a road in rural Illinois and see a biplane crash into a loaded gasoline tanker truck. Now you can be a CBS "eye on the street" roving reporter with EyeMobile for iPhone.

CBS wants you to take photos of events as they're happening, then use EyeMobile to upload your pics and report on what's happening. If the iPhone ever gets video capabilities, you'd most likely be able to use EyeMobile to upload your news videos as well. (Note to Apple: that video capture capability would have been nice in the 2.1 update.) CBS is now accepting video from other sources, like your camcorder or BlackBerry.

EyeMobile also lets you watch what other "citizen journalists" are posting. While the quality of reporting might be somewhat iffy, anything has to be better than the talking heads that the networks hire.

EyeMobile is available for free in the App Store (click opens iTunes). Get it today and start your career as the next Walter Cronkite.

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