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Geoff Johns to pen DC Universe Online story


Comic book fans will be glad to hear this. Geoff Johns, the renowned writer behind popular DC Comics such as Green Lantern, Action Comics and Justice Society of America, has been brought on to write the back story of the upcoming PS3/PC MMO action game, DC Universe Online.

It'll certainly take a lot of creative effort to pen a story that weaves together the various characters of the DC universe. Incorporating heroes and villains from Batman to Martian Manhunter while while explaining the sudden influx of new heroes (players). Hopefully, Geoff is up to the challenge.

"Taking comic books into the online space presents an exciting and unique opportunity for me as a writer," said Johns. "I'm looking forward to creating a thrilling story that explains why the DC Universe has suddenly been populated with millions of new heroes and villains in a way that will engage players."

For an interview with Geoff, check out IGN.

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