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iGaming news: LineRider and X-Plane


A couple of new games from the wider world have hit the App Store, and fans of both should be excited: LineRider brings an online sensation to the touchable side, and X-Plane brings flight simulation street cred to iPhone and iPod touch users.

LineRider (store link) started out as a simple, no-frills sledding Flash game from a Czech Slovenian student and has exploded into an online phenom -- the current version runs in MS Silverlight, and it has spawned over 11,000 videos of courses (including a couple of McDonald's advertisments) and forthcoming versions for the Wii and PC. The iPhone version features the same basic gameplay as the online flavor (build a track, release the sled, crash and burn) along with a course-sharing option to let your friends download your creations. LineRider is $2.99US.

At the other end of the gaming spectrum, Laminar Research's X-Plane flight sim has long been acclaimed for its accuracy and flexibility. Now the experience of X-Plane 9 (store link)has been squeezed into your pants with the iPhone version. The portable X-Plane lets you fly four different aircraft around the game's demo area (the skies above Innsbruck, Austria) using the device accelerometer to control your flight, or onscreen touch controls if you prefer. The quote from Laminar on the iTunes store page is illuminating:

We here at Laminar Research are still a bit shell-shocked at how powerful this little device is, and how much power in flight simulation can be stuffed into it...

That bodes well for future sim development. X-Plane is $9.99US.

Thanks to everyone who sent these in.

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