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Lost cache of Virtual Boys discovered in Dubai


Dubai is like the most magical place in the world. They're trying to build underwater hotels, spinning buildings and now they apparently have open worm holes that lead back in time. That's the only explanation for over 1,000 Virtual Boys being discovered in a warehouse in the Rashidia area there by a business owner. It looks like you can toss out that DeLorean you got on eBay.

38-year-old electrical engineer Mohammed Omran was stoked to hear of the new surge in product, snatching one up as soon as he could. As you read this, he's probably eye-deep in red tennis players and other headache-inducing sprites. "I was chasing it in all the shops and all the markets in Dubai Khour, but everything was always vanished," he said. "It's not an easy system to find."

That probably has to do with it making you feel like your eyeballs are melting after 10 minutes of gameplay.

[Via Kotaku]

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