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Spider-Man: Web of Shadows out Oct. 21, pre-order bonus at Best Buy

Majed Athab

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First we'd like to point your attention to this lovely new screenshot of everyone's favorite insect-like hero, Spider-Man. Unfortunately for him, his spidey senses must not be tingling properly because it sure didn't help him get out of the maw of a Venom-wannabe symbiote. This is the sort of picture that good old J Jonah Jameson would pay good money for. You know who else would be paying good money? You -- well, that is if you're North American and are planning to pick up the title this October 21st.

If you're planning on pre-ordering, best do it at Best Buy. You'll be getting an art book for your troubles. Check out the art book cover and more screenshots in our gallery below.


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