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Authenticator back in stock in September


There's always enough interest in the Blizzard Authenticator that we wanted to make sure our readership (who is clearly smarter than the average bear) is aware that it's back in stock. There's been a little rockiness, as Daniel put it, and there's sometimes a little question whether it's actually available. This time looks to be for real, and with an added benefit -- the Authenticator is now available in New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and Latin America.

The Authenticator has had some history behind it already. It's an obvious preventive against the many and varied keyloggers. There's nothing worse than getting your account hacked, since it often puts both you and your Guild in danger of getting robbed blind. There was an issue reported a while back about someone getting hacked even though they were using the Authenticator, though Belfaire confirmed that the Authenticator wasn't actually removed. Also, as I mentioned, there've been some oddities in whether it's in stock and if the order process goes smoothly. Trying to place an order for the Authenticator today, one of your intrepid Insider reporters saw style-sheet errors similar to the time of Failoc, the Fail Murloc.

Still, it's an added level of protection for you and your account. If you're at all worried about the security of your WoW account, you should see about picking one up.

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