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Go! Cool! Pretty! Wii Music's cheerleader in action


Nintendo is at it again, stretching the definition of "instrument" to breaking point. Today's Wii Music instrument is the Cheerleader, though it could just as easily be called Excitable Human Being. It works by punching the air with your Wiimote and Nunchuk, and creates the kind of sounds last heard from the mouth of our favorite intergalactic news reporter. Oh, and before you start mocking this, don't forget that some companies are building entire games around this one "instrument."


Looking for more on Wii Music? Check out the E3 trailer by clicking here, read up on our time with the game here, and learn how to play the saxophone, sitar, cowbell, electric bass, drums, dog, accordion, taiko, clarinet, conga, electric guitar, harp, flute, marching drum, violin, piano, guitar, and marimba.

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