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id: No content cuts made to Rage for 360's sake [update]


Update: Tim Willits has denied earlier reports that content would be trimmed from all versions of id Software's upcoming Rage due to the Xbox 360's more limited storage capabilities. In a statement issued to Shacknews, Willits said, "There was NO CONTENT removed from RAGE because of the 360--NONE AT ALL."

In response to his discussion of limiting the game to two explorable wastelands, as opposed to more, Willits said the decision was best for all versions of the game and would eliminate loading. "Moving from multiple wastelands into fewer but larger wastelands was a far better decision and is actually giving us more gameplay in the game. We feel the 360 is a great platform and will provide a fantastic Rage experience."

The original story can be found after the break.

Original story:

During the Austin Game Developers Conference (via 1UP), id Software's lead designer Tim Willits admitted that the developer cut back on content it would have included in Rage, due to the Xbox 360's 6-8GB per disc limit. Willits explained that while the PC has "limitless" space and the PS3 has about 25GB, id is "hoping [it] can squeeze the game down to two discs for the 360 version."

He went on to note that the game was originally going to feature several wastelands, but the limitations of the Xbox 360 required the developer to cut them down to two. These changes were made for all versions of the game. id's John Carmack had previously stated that the game might be a "little blurry" in parts for the Xbox 360.

It's certainly interesting that the Xbox 360 determined the concessions other platforms would need to make in this circumstance.

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