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Invoicing made easy with GrandTotal


If you own and run a small business, part of your work involves creating and sending invoices to clients. For many Mac users, invoices are created in Word, Excel, Numbers, or some other application that really isn't designed for that purpose.

Media Atelier might have an answer in their new Leopard-only invoicing package for Mac, GrandTotal. GrandTotal provides a number of design tools for creating a good-looking invoice to represent your organization, and free templates are available from Meda Atelier's website. You can then set up your customers, create a catalog of goods or services, create estimates or full invoices, and send them out either immediately or on a timed basis. Invoices are marked off when paid, and the Dock icon always shows how many invoices are due or overdue.

GrandTotal works hand-in-hand with Media Atelier's TimeLog 4 application, so for those of you who work on a billable hour basis can enter your time into the TimeLog app, then import into GrandTotal. A free trial is available for download (click downloads file), and the application can be purchased from within the demo for €49.

What do you use to create invoices? Leave a note in the comments.

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