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Jane Jensen's Gray Matter delayed once more

Jason Dobson

Adventure game fans looking for signs of life in their dwindling genre of choice have a bitter pill to swallow today as Gray Matter, the next adventure game from iconic Gabriel Knight scribe Jane Jensen, has once again been pushed back. She explains on her newly launched Gray Matter blog that the game is bring retooled after changing developers last year, a shift that, according to Jensen, set the project back some 9 months.

Jensen writes that the new developer, Wizarbox, is "raising the quality bar" on the project, the devs having worked in various capacities on a number of titles already, from Nightmare Creatures and Arx Fatalis, to handling programming duties on Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2. Numbing the sting left by the delay somewhat, Jensen also put up some nifty Gray Matter concept art up on the blog as well, adding that going forward she plans to use the site to keep those of us with an itch for pointing and clicking up to speed on the game's progress.

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