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Nintendo's 'profits per employee' are higher than Goldman Sachs


If there was ever any question as to how obscenely rich Nintendo is, the Financial Times has crunched some numbers to show the cash flow, per employee, at the House of Mario. The newspaper estimates that Nintendo produces more than $1.6 million per employee -- that's more than investment bank Goldman Sachs' $1.24 million per employee during its best year in 2007.

There are some caveats to the information, most of which revolve around how much outsourcing the Big N does. Nintendo makes so much money for having so few employees (3000 full-time), because many of the company's necessities (external development, manufacturing, public relations, etc.) are handled by outside companies. Also, don't think this means that Nintendo is compensating its full-time employees too generously. Goldman's average (by mean) employee received $660,000 in 2007, while the average salary at Nintendo was $90,900.

[Via GameDaily]

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