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Podcast Rodeo Special Edition: Remembering The Brodeo

Justin McElroy

It's time for another Podcast Rodeo, but we'd be kidding ourselves if we tried to act like we could think about any podcast right now other than GFW Radio or, to us fans, the Brodeo. With Jeff Green moving on up to the EAst side, our favorite podcast will be monumentally different and we'll be looking forward to Wednesdays (or sometimes Thursdays) just a little bit less.

Yes, GFW Radio will soldier on in his absence and will probably continue to be a must-listen. But this week, we're remembering the way we were with some of the Rodeo's favorite GFW episodes. Give them a listen and feel free to share your favorites in the comments. The misty eyed action starts right after the jump.

GFW Radio (June 19, 2007): The notorious rap battle final between Whiskey Nerd and Ralphie. If you haven't listened to this you can't honestly call yourself a fan.

GFW Radio (August 21, 2007) : Another triumphant Whiskey Nerd rap. This time, he's hitting classic games to haunting piano accompaniment.

GFW Radio (Dec. 05, 2007) : This was the first Brodeo after Gerstmann-gate and a prime example of GFW Radio at its best: Green's experience blends with the varied perspectives of the rest of the crew to create some of the most insightful analysis of the incident that you're likely to hear.

GFW Radio (June 26, 2008): Not a Jeff Green moment per se, but essential all the same. Robert Ashley and Shawn Elliot pose as reps from a market research group. You're going to love it.

GFW Radio (August 13, 2008): No GFW list would be complete without this devastatingly erotic re-enactment of a sexual in-game encounter that cost an Age of Conan GM his gig and his dignity.

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