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Second Life SLS-1.24.6 rolling out this week

Tateru Nino

Continuing the attempts to further stabilize the new Second Life server code, SLS-1.24.5 will be replaced with SLS-1.24.6 in the latter half of this week, Wednesday through Friday. There are also some signs that precursors to yet another revision, SLS-1.24.7 are already undergoing preliminary testing.

The version that is slated for deployment this week appears to be build 96673, which is marked as containing fixes for two bugs - one of which was supposed to have been fixed in SLS-1.24.5, and another which was partially fixed in that release. Both bugs impact scripts, as you might expect, and have impaired and disrupted a large quantity of post-mono user-generated content, sometimes in quite subtle ways.

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The deployment is the now-familiar three-stage rolling update, with deployment to a pilot group of simulators, followed by half of the remaining grid, and then the other half in a subsequent wave.

The pilot group (now grown to approximately 3,000 simulators) will be updated commencing Wednesday 17 September, at 8:30PM SLT (US Pacific time). The remaining two batches of updates will be from 5AM to 9AM SLT on Thursday and Friday respectively - if all goes according to plan (which, unfortunately, has not been the case for recent deployments of SLS-1.24).

As for what is being prepared and tested for SLS-1.24.7, we're not quite sure but there are still critical and showstopper bugs open against both the Mono and Havok components of SLS-1.24, and we're expecting more fixes will come down the pipe next week.

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