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The Tuesday Morning Post: Patches, release dates, and racials


Welcome to another bright and sunny Tuesday Morning. Downtime is a little complicated this morning. Most Realms will be getting some short rolling restarts at 5 AM, but a handful will get a 2 hour downtime instead, while another handful will get a full 3 AM - 11 AM PDT extended downtime. Hardware upgrades for Wrath, perhaps? You can get the list of downed realms here.

It was actually a rather big weekend in news this time around. Not only did Patch 3.0.2 hit the test servers, but we finally got our hands on a solid release date for Wrath of the Lich King and a look at the Collector's Edition. As if to top it off, yesterday bought us some pretty awesome Priest news in the form of the abolishment of racial spells.

This means there was plenty to talk about this week. Why not get caught up on it now? You can look below for a selection of some of the hottest topics of the past week, or start browsing through the tag, category, and author links to the right if that's more your speed.

Hot News and Features

Wrath and 3.0.2 Class News

Wrath Beta Professions, Items, and Odds and Ends

  • Finally, you have an excuse for getting your friends and guildies to go kill Sylvanas: It's the newest way to join the Bear Cavalry!
  • Cooking dailies are back. But the ones in Dalaran are a bit different from the ones in Shattrath, in a good way.
  • Get a sneak peek at Hateful Gladiator, the new season 5 Arena Gear.
  • Here's some good news for those of you who like a little bit of ambience in your WoW: The Boat Crews are back. We'll see if they last this time though.

Other Stuff

  • Warhammer's coming out in a few days. If you're heretical enough to put aside WoW for a bit and try it, Massively has a guide for you.
  • If you're interested in a little player-made Halloween fun on WoW, check out the Dance of the Dead.
  • Still mousing around WoW? Tired of being called a nub for it? We dug up a handy guide on switching to key bindings for you.

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