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The ultimate guide to the Fall HDTV schedule

Ben Drawbaugh

This is the best time of year for HD fans, not only are there more HD sports than anyone can possibly watch, but the new fall lineup of shows from the networks are already slowing starting to trickle out. The slow trickle is about to become a full blown blast in the next week or two though, and if you're like us you are using the modern marvel called a digital video recorder to hunt for the next Heroes or Lost. Now even those lucky enough to have a big ol' 1TB disk in their DVR, you will still have to do some leg work to see what's new. Maybe you'll go through who knows how many web pages, or use your TiVo's great guide search; but now thanks to our friend Brent Evans from Geek Tonic, there's a better way. He has done the leg work for us by comprising a very comprehensive chronological list of new shows -- including which are in HD of course -- which makes it super easy to record every new show under the sun in the search for the one new show that might actually earn some precious space or time.

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