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Travelling Without Moving wants your videogame photos

Justin McElroy

It seems that, these days, the video game industry doesn't place much of a premium on exploration for exploration's sake. Oh sure, you can get an achievement or trophy for uncovering enough of a map, but it seems that's detracted from the simpler joy of just finding what you can find.

A new web project, "Traveling Without Moving," doesn't see things that way. It's looking for pictures by gamers from games, a collaborative travelogue of images from every corner of the virtual world. If you need examples, the project's creator has begun documenting his own travels here.

Yes, it's in its infancy and yes, it may be that some of you can't make the distinction between meaningful photo and screenshot. But if Traveling Without Moving works the way it's intended, you might find yourself once again combing the digital hillsides for little more than the satisfaction of having been there.

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