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$35 PS3 site is (obviously) too good to be true


For some reason, some people are quick to fall into deals that are simply too good to be true. PS3 owners were recently hit by a weak "Home Beta Injector" scam, which attempted to steal PSN information from hapless victims. Another scheme has been investigated by the LA Times: a ring of sites that are offering PS3s for cheap. How cheap? How's $35?

Of course that's too good to be true, you must be thinking. However, the site's managed to snag the credit cards of a few victims already. "I was tricked," the ironically named hatesbeingrippedoff wrote on a forum on "This is a total fraud and I hope we can get a class action lawsuit." "Although it's just $35, that doesn't mean he's not going to use all the credit card information he's acquired so far for his dirty little self," wrote a user posting under the name NessaLee.

The scam promises a refurbished PS3 system for only $35, a savings of over $300. How does such a shady site pull off such a great deal? "
We get paid through our network of sponsors for every survey you fill out. This gives us the purchasing power necessary to pass these large discounts on to you." Yeah, sure thing.

[Via PlayStation Forums]

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