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AT&T drops push-to-talk pricing to $5, Sprint now odd man out

Chris Ziegler

In conjunction with the release of the rugged Rugby from Samsung, AT&T's celebrating its good fortunes by dropping pricing of its push-to-talk option from $10 to $5 (a 50 percent cut, for the mathematically challenged). That puts its rate in line with Verizon's, while Sprint stays the lone ranger up in the clouds at $10 a month. So, you know, if your conundrum comes down to Rugby versus Boulder -- just make sure monthly PTT pricing doesn't come into play in your decision.

Sprint points out to us that most of their plans actually include Direct Connect bundled in with the pricing. The simply-named "Talk" plans do not, and a $10 bump beyond those bring you to the "Talk/Message/Direct Connect" plans which, as their names imply, include both unlimited messaging and PTT.

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