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BGR Radio a good way to stay on top of Kim Kardashian's phone purchases

Chris Ziegler

If we were wealthy beyond mortal comprehension, we'd be earmarking a sizable percentage of our mammoth budgets to acquiring opulent, ridiculous, and unreleased mobile tech -- that's just how we roll -- but for the Kim Kardashians and Carmelo Anthonys of the world, it seems garden-variety BlackBerrys are the way to go. Who knew? Boy Genius Report is parading out a list of musicians, athletes, and "stars" to chat up phones 'n such on its new BGR Radio segment, and in case you're interested, it turns out Kim's rocking nothing more than a Curve at the moment while Melo's excited about the Bold (and really, who isn't?). It looks like the show's lined up to become a regular segment, so if you've ever wanted to know just how tech un-savvy a celebrity can be, we've found your nirvana.

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