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Built-in HDD 'prematurely' killed off the original Xbox

Dustin Burg

"The hard drive in every Xbox killed us" admitted Peter Moore who, in an interview with guardian, mentioned that it and the cost associated with the drives was one of the main reasons Microsoft chose to move away from the original Xbox so quickly.

The Xbox's built-in HDD was "why we prematurely left the original" Moore admitted, "we were still selling it [the console] at $199 and the hard drive was like $70 ... it was killing us, and there was no way to bring the price down. So in the end we determined at around the 25 million unit mark that we just needed to slow this thing down and just not sell any more, and move to the 360 as quickly as we possibly could." Intriguing. Maybe now with the 360's not so mandatory HDD, we'll see a console life cycle that'll last beyond five years. Maybe?

[Via Shacknews]

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