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Dear Mario, please come to the castle, I have made some awesome cosplay


It's been a while since we last checked in on Swedish/Japanese student Jenni Källberg, a.k.a Queen of Nintendo cosplay, but here are her two most recent creations: Zero Suit Samus (actually revealed last month), and her take on Princess Peach. What is it that elevates Jenni's cosplay above others? Simple: the outfits are obviously beautifully made, the props are brilliant (we really need a giant Goomba now, though yes, we know it isn't actually that size), and there's a sense of humor about her work. Well, Raccoon Mario's sudden appearance made us laugh, anyway.

Oh, and who hasn't encountered this problem? Just looking at that picture frustrates us!


Want moar cosplay? We've seen creative folks dressing up to pay tribute to all sorts of DS games, including Nintendogs, Zelda, Professor Layton, Advance Wars, The World Ends With You, and even, um, Brain Training.

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