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Digeo readies two Moxi set-top-boxes for release

Darren Murph

Are you ready to believe? While Digeo's road to the present has been laden with mishaps, the latest word has it that the company will indeed be rolling out two new products in the very near future. Of course, we've seen the plug pulled at the last minute before, but if everything holds up this time, we'll see a Moxi set-top-box arrive later this month on Charter. Additionally, "a second MSO" will be offering the unit in short order, and a retail box should ship in January. Sadly, that latter device won't have tru2way capability (though it will support a multistream CableCARD), but it should be noted that Digeo is also prepping a Moxi PC interface as well as wares that could tie into home automation setups. Hit the read link for the full spill -- just don't get your hopes up too high until we see a shipping confirmation.

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