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Moore: Microsoft considered acquiring Nintendo

Justin McElroy

The Guardian's excellent interview with Peter Moore continued yesterday with a frank discussion of his final days at Sega after the Dreamcast's death, as well as his arrival at Microsoft. Moore talks about some of his early discussions with Microsoft's Steve Ballmer and admits that while the company always planned on warring with Sony, Nintendo wasn't necessarily seen as a threat.

Moore said, "[Ballmer] wanted to know how I was going to win for Microsoft, how we were going to take on Sony, how would we compete with – or acquire – Nintendo. Those were the conversations in those days. It was a classic build or buy conversation. ... Interestingly, we were just completely fixated on Sony – Nintendo didn't even come into the conversation."

Would "buy" have been the right move? That consolidation probably wouldn't have been good for us consumers but, if MS had kept a hands-off approach, Bill Gates might have finally had the cash to buy that moon he's always wanted.

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