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Sanyo EasyStreet NVM-4370 GPS could save your child's bike

Tim Stevens

When it comes to name recognition, Sanyo doesn't quite rank up there with the Garmins and Magellans in the GPS market. But, for the "right features at the right price" crowd, we think the newly official EasyStreet NVM-4370 will do just fine. It offers a 4.3-inch touch-screen, 4GB of memory plus an SD slot for expansion, text-to-speech in three languages, Bluetooth and mic for hands-free calling, an input for a TMC traffic receiver, and an FM transmitter for beaming voice prompts and MP3/WMA/WAV files to your radio. Plus, there's an input for a rear-view camera, which isn't exactly common in a $300 GPS. Mind you, the camera itself is likely to set you back another couple hundie, but if your driveway is frequently littered with toys (or kids), that may be a sound investment.

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