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Upcoming AT&T phones get priced

Chris Ziegler

It's always a good sign when rumored handsets get slapped with price tags, because that means that releases are right around the corner, too -- usually, anyhow. To that end, AT&T's latest stock information indicates that the S60-powered Nokia 6650 will run $129.99 in your choice of red or silver, as will the Sony Ericsson W760a; the Samsung a637 will be coming in for $49.99, so we're expecting some pretty low-end stuff there; the Pantech C740 "Matrix" is priced at $79.99, and finally, the Motorola V9x we found out about way back in early July is checking in at a princely $199.99. All prices are after rebate, too, so we wouldn't expect any miraculous deals on these -- at least for the first few weeks.

[Thanks, Kal]

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