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AGDC: Deus Ex designer crafting new FPS-RPG, iPhone strategy game


During his AGDC keynote, Deus Ex lead designer (and outspoken critic of Midway's BlackSite: Area 51), Harvey Smith, revealed that he's at work on a new FPS-RPG for his current employer, Arkane Studios (Dark Messiah of Might & Magic). The studio is currently working in conjunction with Valve on The Crossing, a first-person "crossplayer" FPS, but Smith's reference to role-playing (and lack of reference to The Crossing) indicates an all-new project.

Smith said that his design focus "is very much around games like Deus Ex," although his other keynote revelation – a "casual strategy game" for iPhone – shows that he's open to dabbling. Unless, of course, it's a casual Deus Ex universe strategy title ... super-deformed art style and everything.

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