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Come get some Duke Nukem 3D trailer


File this under 'how did we miss this?'. A new trailer for Duke Nukem 3D was released earlier this week, and let's just say that it got our nostalgia zones all tingly. Sure, Duke brings back some good, good memories, but the trailer also reminds us that the Xbox Live Arcade version of Duke Nukem 3D is packed with new features. At the top of the list is 8 player online co-op and deathmatch (the original only supported 4 players). Let's not forget the ability to save and share gameplay videos either, or the ability to rewind the game when you die (no more saving every 5 seconds, hooray). Now, we might be a little biased, but we'd say that Duke Nukem 3D looks to be the best frakking Xbox Live Arcade game ever and you should buy it when it releases next week.

Or, you could, you know, wait to hear how the game actually plays over Xbox Live.

[Via XBLArcade]

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