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Massively's Warhammer Online character creation guide

Michael Zenke

It's Warhammer launch day! The servers are open, and there's an entirely new virtual world to explore! But how are you going to explore it? Are you going to be a burly Chaos berserker, giant axe in-hand? Are you going to use your faith as your shield, serving the church of Sigmar? Will you scuttle through the underbrush as a goblin, or stealth through the trees as an elf? We've got you covered, with out wrap up of every character creation aide we've ginned together in the past few months. Below are some basics, and beyond the cut you'd find a raft of data to help you pick your specific, best class. Good luck and happy waaghing!
Every Warhammer class explained
Read below for crunchy game details on every single class in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. At the end of the piece, check out the designers' take on why the Skaven (among other races) aren't in the game. And, if you're a fan of the recently announced White Lion class, make doubly sure to look below, because we have a few great details that should make you very, very well pleased ...
Character creation video for Order classes
After the jump you'll find three videos, each covering one of the races of Order: Dwarves, Empire (Human) and High Elf. We recorded both male and female choices and a number of different random variations to give you an idea of what you can do.
Character creation video for Destruction classes
You'll notice that there are no female choices for any Goblin career, no female choices for the Chaos tank and melee dps career and no male option for the Dark Elf Witch Elf career. We guess Marilyn Manson in a bikini wasn't that appealing when it came down to it.

A World of Warcraft player's guide to Warhammer Online
To help you out as a brand new WAR player, we've compiled a guide to ease that transition, in the same tradition as our guides to Age of Conan and Guild Wars. WoW players, welcome to a brand new world ... one without gnomes!
How to get to Altdorf, Ekrund, the Blighted Isle, or Nordland at level 1
Heading to the Order capital city or one of the other starting zones is as easy as hiking to the first RvR War Camp in your starting zone ... but where is that? If you've never played before, how do you know?
Get to the Chaos capital, Mt. Bloodhorn, Blighted Isle, or Norsca at level 1
Click through below the cut for full details and maps on how to get to the first war camps in Mount Bloodhorn, the Blighted Isle, and the zone of Norsca. Make sure you tell the flight masters that Massively sent you!
Massively goes to WAR: An overview of Ranged DPS careers for Destruction
There are three ranged DPS classes on the Destruction side, and with only their two melee counterparts to rely on they'll be taking up a lot of the damage-dealing slack once the game goes live.
Massively goes to WAR: An overview of Healing careers for Destruction
If you're a planning on being a Destruction player in Warhammer Online and want to focus on healing, consider yourself covered. For starters, don't worry about being a heal-bot, this game probably has some of the most damage capable healers in an MMO that we've seen to date.
Massively goes to WAR: An overview of Melee DPS Careers for Destruction
Warhammer Online offers two takes on melee DPS classes for Destruction at this moment in time. One of them is the slightly traditional Witch Elf, who's kind of like a rogue with a thirst for unrelenting murder and on heavy doses of mind-altering drugs.
Massively goes to WAR: An overview of Tanking careers for Destruction
Meat shield. Damage sponge. Brick house? You know them as tanks, we know them as bipedal beefnauts. The players who wade through the battlefield wearing nothing but the heaviest of heavy metals. In Warhammer Online, the side of Destruction has two tanks to pick from and both of them are very angry individuals.
Massively goes to WAR: Spotlight on the Goblin Shaman
The first class we took for a tour was the Goblin Shaman, the healer/DoT specialist for the greenskin race. Though nothing was said beforehand, the tiny gobbos with the big sticks are this blogger's favorite class. It was therefore especially enjoyable to check out the numerous tweaks to the concept, look, and UI of the little healer. Read on for the full Waagh!
Massively goes to WAR: Spotlight on the Chaos Marauder
At Josh's urging, Adam logged into a Chaos Marauder to show off the mutational fury of that faction's front line. This melee warrior's capabilities are predicated on the internal darkness that boils into his skin, malforms his limbs, and gives him the capability to cause massive amounts of damage.
Massively goes to WAR: An overview of Tanking careers for Order
Massively goes to WAR this fine Monday morning with an overview of tanks on the side of Order in Warhammer Online. The Dwarven Ironbreaker and the High Elf Swordmaster have two very distinct styles and ability sets, but they are both very good at what they do. Let's look further into the two careers that are the crux of any successful group.
Massively goes to WAR: An overview of Melee DPS careers for Order
You don't have to side with Destruction to do some damage in Warhammer Online. Order has two melee classes that crank out the dps up close and personal in two distinctly different ways. The Empire Witch Hunter uses a combination of rapier strikes to build up Accusations and then uses them to power a devastating Execution shot from their pistols.
Massively goes to WAR: An overview of Healing careers for Order
These stalwart soldiers of the faith, bastions of runic power, and masters of the arcane arts are front-line fighters all. They might not do as much damage as their DPS comrades, but they're certainly not all 'hanging out' near the back either. Join us for a stroll with the healing heavyweights of Order: The Archmage, The Rune Priest, and the head-cracking Warrior Priest.
Massively goes to WAR: An overview of Ranged DPS careers for Order
Ranged DPS classes come in three flavors in Warhammer Online: steampunk pet class (Engineer), bow-and-blade Legolas clone (Shadow Warrior) and classic glass cannon (Bright Wizard). But which one is right for you? If race isn't a deciding factor, check out a brief overview of all three careers below to help you make your choice.
Massively goes to WAR: Spotlight on the Dwarven Engineer
The experience of playing an Engineer in Warhammer Online bears a lot of resemblance to that of the Team Fortress 2 Engineer. If the little dwarf had complained "Spies sappin' ma sentry!" it would hardly have been surprising. Read on below for more on this highly skilled specialist ... and a few words about the Chaos Magus all the way at the end.

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