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Revealed: Star Trek Online ship classes and more customization

Samuel Axon

It's that time again! The latest issue of "Ask Cryptic" has found its way onto the internet. It includes answers from the development team to six Star Trek Online-related questions.

Here's the critical information up front! The ships in the game are based off of canon ships such as the Enterprise and the Defiant. Ships will be divided into three categories: Cruisers, Escorts, and Science Vessels. Any player character will be able to train to use any ship, although his or her specialized crew and attributes will affect its performance. Starfleet and Klingon uniforms will be highly customizable, as will bridge officers (including name, race, appearance, and gender). Ground PvP will be in the game, and PvP instances probably will be too.

Finally -- and perhaps best of all -- the article teases playable Horta and 3D chess games as planned-for post-launch content. But how can the Horta play 3D chess with no appendages? Oh, they don't necessarily mean they'll be playable at the same time. Okay. Or do they?

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