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Rumor: Jimi Hendrix edition of Guitar Hero in the works

Justin McElroy

Flush with victory after learning that Guitar Hero had made us better than Metallica, we've already begun the hunt for our next conquest. Ahh, we see a challenger approaching through the mist, is that ... oh, crap, is that Jimi Hendrix? If Slash is to be believed, Activision is busy crafting an all-Hendrix version of the franchise to (presumably) follow up Guitar Hero World Tour.

The mono-monikered musician told Rolling Stone, "Well, having the Aerosmith guys do it was very cool 'cause Aerosmith's one of the bands I was heavily influenced by. And Metallica's doing it, that's great. Those are two ones that I think gives it some credibility. And they're doing a Hendrix one, which is great."

Assuming that this is one of the few times in life where the phrase, "if Slash is to be believed," is followed by a fact, we'll take this opportunity to remind you that setting plastic guitars on fire is a terrible, terrible idea.

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