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Telus announces lights out for analog network, not a dry eye in the house


Look ma, no more analog! In the glorious pic above, the map shown in green represents Telus' analog coverage, the other shows digital coverage. If the maps are really representative of the various signal types, we'd guess that Saskatchewan (above) will be mostly alright. Telus commented that a few "very, very small rural communities" in British Columbia will be left in the lurch in all this, as they only had analog service and are rightly concerned about the lack of 911 and general public safety. Part of the reason for the shut down seems to be the shrinking stockpile of hard to find spare parts and keeping the network lit for so few customers just isn't cost effective. All subscribers with analog sets will get a shiny new digital set for free and there's even talk of finding some way to boost digital coverage to those left without.

[Via intomobile]

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