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The Daily Grind: Did you buy Warhammer Online?

Michael Zenke

Happy Waagh Day everybody! That's right, after three years, numerous setbacks, tons of information, and two head start launches, the real thing is finally here. Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is going to retail, and we finally get to see what Mythic's megaton monster can do on the open road. Today we're going to have an epic slew of Warhammer news, features, insights, and content. If you're not in a WAR place right now, our apologies in advance; everybody is painted Goblin Green today.

Our question of the day today is simple: Did you buy Warhammer? Are you participating in the Waagh? If you did, let's hear a shoutout with what faction and class you're playing! This blogger is going Destruction, rolling a Goblin Shaman. Now you soldier. Are you for the Empire ... or an agent of Chaos? Maybe a Dark Elf temptress, or a Dwarven front-line stalwart? Whatever you're playing, let's hear it loud and proud!
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