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UK retailers expect big demand for Xbox 360 post price cut

A number of top retail executives in the UK have spent time with a Magic 8-ball and all agree, the Xbox 360 could be huge this holiday following its upcoming price cut.

"The timing is excellent, and we'll work closely with Microsoft to give customers all the product and advice they need in the run up to Christmas," Tricia Brennan, MD of Game UK, told GamesIndustryBiz.

While the executives from GAME, HMV and top indie retailers could only speculate that a budget Xbox 360 could deal a blow to Sony this holiday, they do agree that the current economic climate may play a factor for those in search of cheap entertainment.

"I think prematurely devaluing the market is a danger, but the reality is the economic down turn is not going to go away tomorrow so anything which combats the rising prices of living helps the entertainment market as a whole and we'll see the benefits of this price cut way into 2009 reflecting in software sales," offered Steve O'Brien, of respected indie stores Action Replay and Gameshop.

Beginning September 19, the Xbox 360 Arcade will be priced at GBP 129.99, the Xbox 360 (Premium) unit will sell for 169.99 and the Xbox 360 Elite will be reduced to GBP 229.99.

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