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Nobody knows the troubles Wii Music has seen


We're starting to look forward to that pleasantly bouncy Wii Music "Today's Instrument" intro music every day. The actual music played by the instrument of the day doesn't really stick with us. Maybe that says something about the music in the game, or (more likely) the theme has been drilled into our heads by repetition.

Today's instrument is the harmonica, an instrument well-known for its proliferation in movie prison scenes and John Popper's vest. Playing the harmonica in Wii Music is like eating a virtual corn cob -- which, for the curious, can be experienced in Major League Eating: The Game. When Nintendo's engineers were designing the Wii Remote, do you think they had holding it up to your face in mind?


Looking for more on Wii Music? Check out the E3 trailer by clicking here, read up on our time with the game here, and learn how to play the cello, the harpsichord, cheerleader, saxophone, sitar, cowbell, electric bass, drums, dog, accordion, taiko, clarinet, conga, electric guitar, harp, flute, marching drum, violin, piano, guitar, and marimba.

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