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PlayStation Blog heads to Orlando and wants you to meet them there

Jem Alexander

Details for the third PlayStation Blog meet up have been revealed. After swapping the Mexican cuisine of King Taco in Los Angeles for the sophisticated morning coffee and doughnuts of Seattle, the menu has moved on to southern style BBQ in Orlando, Florida. But you won't be attending for the food alone, obviously. You'll be meeting up with the PlayStation Blog staff, other fanboys (and maybe some fangirls, if you're lucky) and, who knows, maybe some other journo type people (though, sadly, we won't be able to attend this time). Not to mention more competitive gaming for, no doubt, awesome prizes.

So now we've got you interested you'll need to know the wheres, whens and whyfores. The meetup will be taking place near downtown Orlando at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy next Friday, the 26th of September, between 7pm and 9pm. It's free, so just turn up, and you'll probably need your PSP. Chances are there'll be an after party at a local bar, by the looks of things. For full details, including funny maps, check out the PlayStation Blog post and RSVP on Facebook.

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