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Rumor: L.A. Noire no longer PS3 exclusive, still a year away


The long-in-development L.A. Noire, a collaboration between Rockstar and ex-Getaway alumni at Australia's Team Bondi, may no longer be exclusive to PlayStation 3. The title – which has been shrouded in mystery befitting of its film noire trappings – was originally rumored to be bankrolled by Sony itself for release solely on its platform.

Speaking at GC Asia '08, Game Developers' Association of Australia president Tom Crago said that, from what he surmises, development on the game has "another year or so to go." He also revealed that it "could be the biggest budget video game in development anywhere in the world," calling it a "massive, massive project." Crago also indicated that the game is in development for both PS3 and 360, which, if true, would rule it out as the PS3-exclusive Rockstar project Sony has been touting once and for all.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

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