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Sony rounds out its iPod dock offerings with three new models


We already caught sight of Sony's ZS-S4iP iPod dock / boombox when it turned up in Australia, but it looks like there's a few more Made for iPod devices where that one came from, with Sony now also debuting three more docks of various sorts. That includes the clock radio-style ICF-CD3iPSIL model pictured above, the HD Radio-packing XDR-S10HDiP (after the break), and the plain-old SRS-GU10IP (also after the break), which provides one big speaker and nothing else. From the looks of it, the XDR-S10HDiP and SRS-GU10UP are both available right now direct from Sony and will set you back $180 and $150, respectively, while the ICF-CD3iPSIL will only be available at the end of the month, though you can get a pre-order in now for $100.

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