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TUAW wishes you a happy ITLAPD


Yarrrrrr. The TUAW crew wishes ye a happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

The goal o' this holiday be fer ye t' talk like a swashbuckler. Nay that 't has anythin' t' do wi' Apple products, but 'tis fun. We will nay take responsibility if ye decide t' pillage an' burn a port, nor if ye drink too much rum. If ye be still usin' a Palm, Windows Mobile, or Symbian smart phone wi' yer Mac, ye may want t' check ou' Astraware`s sale on games. Likewise, if ye be sportin' an iPhone, there be some booty for ye as well (but be warned, nae ferget the original).

Who be that buccanneer ta th' starboard? `Tis Captain Steve! He`s th' only one o' th' TUAW crew who dasn't mind makin' a fool o' hisself.

Update Ahoy!

Arrr, Stevey. I won't be lettin' ye make a fool of yerself alone, matey. I'm commandeerin' this here post and addin' me own mug. It's Captain Brett off the port bow!

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