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Use your iPhone and keep your hands warm

Robert Palmer

With the first day of Autumn on Monday, cold weather is just around the corner for much of the northern hemisphere. But don't worry, you can still wear gloves and use your iPhone with Dots Gloves.

Dots Gloves include a little metal button at the fingertip that allows you to use the multitouch screen of your iPhone or iPod touch without direct finger contact. The metal dots are curved, and will not scratch the screen of your device. The dots are on the thumb, index, and middle fingers of the glove.

They also work great with Nintendo DS, notebook trackpads, ATMs, and kiosks with touch-screen displays.

A pair of knit gloves are $13, and wool gloves are available for $18.

And if gloves aren't your thing, you can always use a stylus. Or, as Erica pointed out to me, you can use your iPhone itself to keep your hands warm. Just start the Camera app, and lock the screen. Of course, this runs your battery dry in short order, but if your hands are that cold, it could be worth it.

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