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Verizon promises increased interactivity for FiOS TV customers


With all this talk of interactive TV from the likes of Sony, Yahoo! and Intel these days, it's starting to seem like the early 90s all over again -- only this time it looks like things are actually panning out. Now Verizon seems to be upping its interactive game as well, with it boasting about a whole host of improvements that FiOS TV customers can look forward to this fall. The new features were apparently demoed during an "informal party" held by Verizon Communications CIO Shaygan Kheradpir, and include various applications that are tied to live programming, some Facebook and YouTube integration, and the ability to control the DVR from your cellphone, to name a few things. FiOS customers can apparently expect some improvements to the program guide as well, including the ability to browse by what's popular in their area, or by what was most popular in the same time slot last week. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like any pictures made their way out of the party, but Yahoo! and company have certainly raised the bar pretty high with their own widgets, and we can only hope that Verizon at least meets it.

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