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Worldwide release dates for LBP revealed, plus early-bird DLC

Jem Alexander

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Sony has revealed worldwide release dates for LittleBigPlanet. We already knew the game would be available in the UK on October 24th, but now a October 21st release date for North and Latin America has been confirmed. As for Japan, they can expect to see the game hit their shelves on the 30th of the month and Europe,Australia and New Zealand will get their hands on it on the 22nd. That's not all, though. An 80GB PS3 bundle will be made available on the 29th in Europe and the 31st in the UK. Phew. Confused? Here's the same info in handy-dandy bullet point form.
  • North & Latin America: 21st October
  • Europe, Australia & New Zealand: 22nd October
  • UK & Ireland: 24th October
  • 80GB PS3 Bundle in Europe: 29th October
  • Japan: 30th October
  • 80GB PS3 Bundle in UK & Ireland: 31st October
To celebrate the launch of the game, there will also be some limited-time-only DLC made available for early adopters. Specifically, these are a "Spaceman" costume (shown above) and a rare T-shirt. Check out the gallery below for a couple more images of these rare items. It's hard to believe this game is almost in our hands and we couldn't really be much more excited for it.

[Via press release]

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