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WRUP: What are you playing?


It's been a popular feature on other Joystiq network blogs, so we decided that we'll finally jump in. WRUP is short for "What are you playing?" Every week, your PS Fanboy writers will tell you what they plan on playing over the weekend. You can let us know what you're playing too in the comments section.
  • Alan Tsang - I am playing The Last Guy and Jeopardy!. By the way, Jeopardy! is a lot more fun when you have five of your friends helping you out. And for some odd reason, I am replaying the original Deus Ex on PC. Other than the outdated graphics, the game is as delicious as ever.
  • Andrew Yoon - I've been playing a lot of WipEout HD. The problem is: once the game officially comes out next week, I'll have to unlock all the Trophies all over again. Agh! Many people know I'm a total Trophy whore, so yes I am playing Mainichi Issyo. (Watching the episodes unlocks items for you to use in your room. For example, I just got an awesome Metal Gear-themed cat robot poster.) I'm also going to have to brush up on my Buzz! Quiz TV skills -- there's a SCEA-sponsored contest coming up, and I want to destroy the other journalists that are playing.
  • Jem Alexander - No doubt I'll be playing some more Buzz! Quiz TV, trying to get my hand on the rest of the Trophies (just recently got "Lonesome and Loving It Gold" -- I'm so proud). Call of Duty 4 arrived today, so I'll finally get to see what all the fuss is about. Other than that I'll be plodding through to the end of both Spore on my Mac and Final Fantasy Tactics A2 on DS. Of course, I'll also be watching lots of telly thanks to PlayTV.
  • Majed Athab - I find it really sad that I'll be playing nothing but Jeopardy! this weekend. The backlog is empty ... but maybe I'll replay Resident Evil 2 for the millionth time -- which I downloaded off the Japanese PS Store (it's nearly entirely in English, folks). I might pick up Armored Core: for Answer to save me from the Trebek-less questioning over the weekend. Maybe.

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