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Bungie's Superintendent sighted, announcement hinted at

We find it indicative of the quality of the past Electronic Entertainment Expo that the biggest piece of news out of the event was not a new high-profile game, or a console redesign -- but rather, the "major" announcement that was not actually announced. We speak, of course, of the Bungiegate pseudo-scandal, in which the announcement of a new project (teased by the Halo developer in the weeks leading up to E3) was pulled from the Microsoft presentation, and was promised to be revealed at a later date. Judging by a recent update on Bungie's site, we're guessing that date is quickly approaching.

The enigmatic Superintendent, whose tidy countenance appeared in the pre-E3 teases for the new project, recently reared his head in a Bungie news update, along with a few Howard Hughes-esque demands to "KEEP IT CLEAN." Between the reappearance of the immaculate mascot and hints in the developer's latest weekly update that "dawn is about to break," we think it's safe for the Bungie fanatics among us to ready their anticipatory fingers for a lengthy F5 session.

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