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Coren Direbrew now drops cross-faction Brewfest mounts, teleportation device


Brewfest is underway today, and with it comes more news of the new boss, Coren Direbrew. You may remember the hubbub surrounding the decision on Brewfest mounts: A Brewfest Kodo would be implemented, but rather than allowing Alliance a chance at it, it would be Horde only, with the Rams becoming Alliance only.

Now that Brewfest is live, that decision has been reversed, at least partially.

Now, neither mount can be purchased with Brewfest tickets. However, instead, both drop from Coren Direbrew down in the Grim Guzzler. That means that the Alliance and the Horde can both go after the Ram and the Kodo, but only as a rare drop.

This solution brings them in line with other cross faction mounts, and is probably about the best compromise we could expect from Blizzard. I'm still a little disappointed that the Kodos will never be as accessible to Alliance as the Rams were for Horde last year, but I am glad that I will have a chance to grab the Kodo at all. It does look like this gets rid of the level 30 versions of the mount though, or at least the chance of level 30s obtaining them.

Another new piece of loot off Coren was discovered last night on the Taiwanese servers: Apparently, Coren also drops a teleportation device called Direbrew's Remote that gives your whole party a ride to the Grim Guzzler from anywhere in the world on a one hour cooldown -- a perfect chance to take in a Level 80 ETC show or grab some more Dire Brew, or just head over to attack Coren a few more times. Thanks to Compulim for bringing the remote to our attention.

Coren Direbrew also drops a lot of other loot, including 2 trinkets which summon lusty barwenches to aid you in battle. All in all, I expect I'll be trying to wrangle quite a few journeys to the Depths to get me some loot.

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